Earnings from watching videos: the pros and the best platforms


Watching videos today is considered an easy way to make little money to top up your mobile phone, pay for the Internet and much more. This activity does not require investment or special skills, which is why it is so popular among Internet users.
There are 2 options for earning:
• creating your own videos with subsequent uploading to the appropriate resources;
• watching other people's videos for money.
Accordingly, the first method implies investing money and great prospects in the future if you want to engage in this type of activity. The second method is more popular, but less profitable.
Pros of work
• instant replenishment of the personal account for the work done;
• lack of investment;
• simplicity of work;
• the ability to earn extra money on several resources;
• payments are made to the most basic payment systems.
It should be noted that in addition to watching videos, other work is also offered in the form of subscriptions, likes, reposts, viewing advertisers' sites, registrations on services, such as buy 1000 youtube subscribers for 10.

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